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Group Picture, March 2015

The Combustion and Catalysis Lab is directed by Professor Marco J. Castaldi. The main focus is the thermal and catalytic conversion of carbon based material to desired products. For example, municipal solid waste and biomass to synthetic fuels, liquid fuels to hydrogen and greenhouse gases (carbon-based) to fuels.

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CCL presents at AIChE 2015

NAWTECStephen Crowley, Jeffrey LeBlanc, Swanand Tupsakhare and Marco Castaldi are presenting at the American Institute of Chemical Engineering Annual Conference in Salt Lake City, UT on their research.

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CCL presents at NAM24

NAWTECStephen Crowley, Robyn Smith, Michaela Wagar and Marco Castaldi are participating in the North American Meeting of the Catalysis Society in Pittsburgh, PA on their research related to catalysis.Stephen Crowley and Michaela Wagar presented posters at the conference. Robyn Smith delivered an oral presentation.

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KTH Student researches with CCL for Summer 2015

A student from KTH Royal Institute of Technology joined the CCL group for the summer of 2015. Marc Mate is visiting CCNY for a 10-week research program. Marc will be researching in the area of catalytic ethanol reforming along with Jacky Ho and Stephen Crowley.

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New Undergraduate Researchers from Prestigious Program

Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation is a nationwide program to promote professional degrees among underrepresented minority students in STEM majors. Two undergraduate Chemical Engineering scholars from the CCL have joined the program for the Summer of 2015. Dane Fearon and Melissa Torres are each conducting research in high temperature fouling mechanisms and applied waste-to-energy, respectively.

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Oregon Metro Quotes Dr. Castaldi in Waste Article

The Oregon Metro cites Marco Castaldi as an expert in solid waste gasification in an recent article discussing the alternative of using plasma gasification for Portland’s non-recycled garbage.

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CCL goes to NAWTEC 2015

NAWTECMarco Castaldi, Demetra Tsiamis, and Deepak Kumar all are presenting at the Annual North American Waste to Energy Conference in Tampa, Florida on their research related to waste-to-energy.

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Congratulations to Swanand Tupsakhare

Swanand Tupsakhare finished his 2nd doctoral qualifying exam at the City College of New York. He is now working on his dissertation focus on dissociation of methane hydrates by carbon dioxide sequestration.

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