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Group Picture, March 2015

The Combustion and Catalysis Lab is directed by Professor Marco J. Castaldi. The main focus is the thermal and catalytic conversion of carbon based material to desired products. For example, municipal solid waste and biomass to synthetic fuels, liquid fuels to hydrogen and greenhouse gases (carbon-based) to fuels.

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Dr. Castaldi receives Fulbright fellowship for research abroad

Dr. Marco Castaldi received a Fulbright fellowship for research at Ecole des Mines (Paris, France) and University of Bolzano (Bolzano, Italy). This research is focused on a collaboration with City College of New York, Ecole des Mines/CNRS and University of Bolzano to valorize waste residuals to valuable products. The research effort is the fundamental investigation, understanding and deliberate modification of waste residual materials for energy and environmental applications. The specific research is focused on the utilization of purposefully modified waste residuals (i.e. char and ash) as catalysts and separation media. These materials have been demonstrated to be useful catalysts for emissions reduction and chemical synthesis and effective separation media for water purification.

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Dr. Castaldi invited as a guest speaker for AICHE Jan 2016 meeting

Dr. Marco Castaldi was invited as a guest speaker for AICHE January 2016 meeting in Illinois, Chicago on Jan 20th to deliver a presentation titled “Combustion and Catalysis of Carbon-Based Materials and Energy and Environmental Considerations”.

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CCL receives Environmental Research & Education Foundation (EREF) funds research grant on elevated landfill temperatures

The Environmental Research and Education Foundation (EREF) has awarded a research grant for a project entitled “Understanding and Predicting Temperatures in Municipal Solid Waste Landfills.” The principal investigators of the project are Craig Benson of the University of Virginia, Morton Barlaz of North Carolina State University, Marco Castaldi of The City College of New York and Scott Luettich of Geosyntec Consultants.

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Jeff LeBlanc publishes in Energy & Fuels

Jeff LeBlanc published a journal article entitled “Fate of Higher-Mass Elements and Surface Functional Groups during the Pyrolysis of Waste Pecan Shell” in Energy & Fuels.

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Steve Crowley publishes in ChemCatChem

Steve Crowley published a journal article entitled “Operando Characterization of Catalysts through use of a Portable Microreactor “ in ChemCatChem.

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CCL presents at AIChE 2015

NAWTECStephen Crowley, Jeffrey LeBlanc, Swanand Tupsakhare and Marco Castaldi are presenting at the American Institute of Chemical Engineering Annual Conference in Salt Lake City, UT on their research.

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CCL presents at NAM24

NAWTECStephen Crowley, Robyn Smith, Michaela Wagar and Marco Castaldi are participating in the North American Meeting of the Catalysis Society in Pittsburgh, PA on their research related to catalysis.Stephen Crowley and Michaela Wagar presented posters at the conference. Robyn Smith delivered an oral presentation.

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