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Group Picture, March 2015

The Combustion and Catalysis Lab is directed by Professor Marco J. Castaldi. The main focus is the thermal and catalytic conversion of carbon based material to desired products. For example, municipal solid waste and biomass to synthetic fuels, liquid fuels to hydrogen and greenhouse gases (carbon-based) to fuels.

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Catalysis Team Presents at NY Metro Symposium

Stephen Crowley, Robyn Smith, Michaela Wagar and Marion Ducousso each presented their work at The Catalysis Society of Metropolitan New York 2015 Annual Symposium.

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Steve Crowley receives the 2015 Kokes Award

The 2015 Koke Award is a travel award for the 24th North American Catalysis Society (NACS) meeting in Pittsburgh, PA. At the meeting, Stephen Crowley will be presenting his work on Rh-Pt catalyst for oxygenated fuel reforming.

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Dr. Garrett Fitzgerald at Rocky Mountain Institute

Recent CCL graduate, Dr. Garrett Fitzgerald published results of an analysis performed by the Rocky Mountain Institute on viability of energy storage today. Read the article here.

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Congratulations to Stephen Crowley

Stephen Crowley finished his 2nd doctoral qualifying exam at the City College of New York. He is now working on his dissertation topic focused on reforming oxygenated fuels.

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CCL goes to BNL for novel catalysis experiments

CCL was granted access to the National Synchrotron Light Source (NSLS) at Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) before its shutdown at the end of this year. Stephen Crowley, Robyn Smith and Michaela Wagar were successful in generating first-of-its-kind data by using high energy X-rays to probe the conformational and oxidation state of catalysts during reaction. This work was made possible through collaboration with Dr. Anatoly Frenkel and his research team at Yeshiva University.Stephen Crowley was interviewed on the impending shutdown of the beam and his overall experience at the NSLS which can be found below and on the BNL website. Skip to 15:21 in the video to hear what Stephen has to say!

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NerdNite: Video

The June 3rd presentation by Dr. Marco Castaldi in Portland’s “Let’s Talk Trahsh” can now be seen on YouTube.

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CCL takes part in WTERT 2014

CCL was well represented as the experimental research branch of WTERT. The welcoming speech was given by Dr. Marco Castaldi.Dr. Marco Castaldi and Demetra Tsiamis each gave technical presentation on CCL work.Technical poster presentations were given by Timonthy Sharobem, Liubov Melnikova, Leah Curry, Deepak Kumar, Nour Awad, and Dr. Simona Ciuta, all from CCL.

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