Alexsanda Guerra presents at IT3 Conference

On October 23, 2012 Alexsanda Guerra gave an oral presentation titled “Catalytic Performance of Char from Gasification of Biomass for the Reformation of Toluene as a Model of Tar” at the 31st International Conference on Thermal Treatment Technologies & Hazardous Waste Combustors in New Orleans, LA.


Tim Sharobem wins Poster Award at WTERT Conference

Congratulations! Tim Sharobem won the Poster Award for his poster entitled “High temperature corrosion of WTE boiler materials” at the WTERT 2012 Conference on October 18-19 at Columbia University.

Naomi Klinghoffer Presents at Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference

Naomi Klinghoffer gave an oral presentation titled “Catalytic Properties and Performance of Char from Biomass” at the 3rd International Symposium on Gasification and its Applications as part of the 62nd Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference October 14-17, 2012, in Vancouver, BC.

Paper Accepted to Resources, Conservation, and Recycling

Garrett C. Fitzgerald, Jonathan S. Krones, and Nickolas J. Themelis are co-authors on a paper entitled “Greenhouse gas impact of dual stream and single stream collection and separation of recyclables,” to be published in Resources, Conservation, and Recycling in December.

This paper examines the greenhouse gas emissions, or “carbon footprint,” of recycling systems before and after a community or municipality’s transition from dual stream to single stream recycling.  The authors concluded that single stream recycling collects on average 50% more recycled tonnage than dual stream and results in 710 kg CO2-equiv. avoided emissions per MT of single stream recyclables.

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Paper Accepted to the Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering

Methane Hydrate Reactor

Garrett C. Fitzgerald, Marco J. Castaldi, and Yue Zhou are co-authors on a paper entitled “Large scale reactor details and results for the formation and decomposition of methane hydrates via thermal stimulation dissociation,” published in the Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering last month!

The research investigates and develops an in-situ heating method to efficiently produce methane gas from hydrates.  The research utilized CCL’s fully operational apparatus for hydrate production and dissociation.

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Paper Accepted to I&ECR

Naomi B. Klinghoffer, Marco J. Castaldi, and Ange Nzihou are co-authors on a paper entitled “Catalyst Properties and Catalytic Performance of Char from Biomass Gasification,” accepted to Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research last month!

The research investigates the properties and performance of biomass gasification char and demonstrates its potential to replace expensive tar decomposition catalysts with inexpensive, on-site, char catalysts.  This paper is a result of the collaboration between CCL and Ecole des Mines d’Albi.

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WTERT 2012 Conference – Registration Open!

The Waste-To-Energy Research and Technology Council 2012 Conference, held at Columbia University in the city of New York, will take place on Thursday, October 18 and Friday, October 19.

The WTERT Council has put together an outstanding program of presentations by the most prominent people at the forefront of sustainable waste management. As in past years, a highlight of the program will be the presentation of the 2012 WTERT Award which this year will be received by the editors of “Waste Management World”, the very informative ISWA magazine that is available gratis to the entire world. The Awards Dinner will be held in the Skyline Dining Room of Columbia’s Faculty House, overlooking Morningside Park and eastern Manhattan. The Dinner is sponsored by the Materials and Energy Recovery Division of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (MER/ASME). Instructions for on-line or by-mail registration and other information on the WTERT Conference are available at