CCL graduate Dr. Swanand Tupsakhare starts work at Southern Research

CCL recent graduate Swanand Tupsakhare embarks on new career leveraging some of the skills acquired during his time with the CCL team. Swanand joined Southern Research’s Energy and Environment division in Durham, NC as a Post Doc Chemical Engineer in January 2018. Swanand’s work will focus on the separation of impurities and by-products in the process involving the conversion of Biomass to Acrylonitrile​, funded by DOE-BETO. ​He is also involved in the research to develop carbon utilization technologies at Southern Research. Congratulations Swanand!

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Dr. Marco Castaldi, Dr. Simona Ciuta, and Demetra Tsiamis published a book titled “Gasification of Waste Materials”

Dr. Marco J Castaldi, Dr. Simona Ciuta, and Demetra Tsiamis published a book on waste gasification and pyrolysis. This textbook explores the most recent gasification technologies developed worldwide to convert solid wastes to energy, synthesis gas, and chemical products. The authors examine the thermodynamic aspects, reaction mechanisms, and kinetic constraints of using various types of wastes as feedstock.

The book is recommended for engineering researchers, graduate students, industry professionals, municipal engineers, and decision makers when planning, designing, and deploying waste to energy projects.

More information can be found at the Elsevier website- Gasification of Waste Materials

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Tasnuva Moutushi and Grace Correa win the Floyd Hasselriis Award

CCL researchers Tasnuva Moutushi and Grace Correa won the 2017-2018 Floyd Hasselriis Awards offered by ASME Materials and Energy Recovery (MER) Division for their work in solid waste management. Congratulations Tasnuva and Grace!

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Congratulations, Dr. Tupsakhare

Swanand Tupsakhare passed his doctoral defense of his thesis entitled “Simulation of In Situ Combustion in Gas Hydrate Systems for Carbon Sequestration and Gas Recovery”. Congratulations Swanand!

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Megan Webster highlighted in Chemical Engineering Newsletter

CCL member Megan Webster was highlighted in the Chemical Engineering Newsletter for her excellent progress in research and being awarded a Nanofabrication Facility Fellowship by the Advanced Science Research Center of CUNY. Congratulations Megan!

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Undergraduate Student Dane Fearon Entering the Work Force

CCL member Dane Fearon will be graduating this summer with Magna Cum Laude distinction and moving on to a position as a process engineer in the Management, Technology, and Engineering Division of Corning Incorporated. He is very excited and mentioned that it would not be possible without the lessons learned and experience gained within Combustion & Catalysis Labs.

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Michaela Wagar Wins the STEM Chateaubriand Fellowship

Michaela Wagar is selected as a 2017-2018 STEM Chateaubriand Fellow. The program supports PhD students from American Universities to conduct research in France. More information about the fellowship program can be found here.

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