Principle Investigator

Current Students

Visiting Scholars and Professors, Past Post-Docs

Dr. Simona Ciuta

Giacomo Rossetti

Dr. Naomi Klinghoffer (Gas Technology Institute)

Carolina Solis

Ladislao Sandoval

Flavia Albuquerque

Dr. McKenzie Kohn – Johnson Matthey

Francesco Patuzzi

Marion Ducousso

Dr. Christiane JankeBASF

Dr. Amrita Pal

Dr. Björn Brandt

Dr. Heidi C. Butterman

Dr. Maik Eichelbaum – Fritz-Haber-Institut

Dr. Philipp Gruene – BASF/Ludwigshagen

Dr. Masato R. Nakamura – CUNY

Professor John P. Dooher – Adelphi University

Professor Jin Yuqi – Zhejiang University

Professor Zhixiao Zhang – Hangzhou University

Professor Junhu Zhou – Zhejiang University

Professor Jinbo Wang

Past Students

Dr. Timothy Sharobem

Dr. Stephen Crowley

Dr. Jeffrey LeBlanc

Devin Peck 

Flora Uwadiegwu – McGill University

Mike Lugo – MS – Innoveering

Dr. Garrett Fitzgerald – PhD – Rocky Mountain Institute

Dr. Amanda Simson – PhD – University of New Haven

Melis Duyar – MS – Ph.D Student, Stanford University

Marcella Lusardi – MS – Ph.D Student, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Hope Connolly – MS – Systems Integration Analyst – Accenture

Isabel Liberis – Undergraduate

Alex Frank – University of California at Berkley

Dr. Federico Barrai – PhD – Advanced Scientist – ExxonMobil

Dr. Lucas D. Dorazio – PhD – BASF Catalysts

Dr. Scott Kaufman (co-advisor) – PhD

Dr. Eilhann Kwon – Department of Environment and Energy, Sejong University

Dr. Shang-Hsiu Lee (co-advisor) – PhD

Dr. Yue (Forrest) Zhou – PhD – CNY Engineering P.C

Tracy Jackson – MS

Heather Lanman

Jechan Lee – MS – University of Massachussetts – Amherst

Kimberley Llewellyn – MS

Nora McLauglin – MS – Veterinary School – University of Pennsylvania

Natali Pelcman – MS

Noah Whitmore – MS – WasteManagement Inc

Alex Whitworth – MS – IHS CERA, Beijing China

Peter Ha

Laura Bendernagel – Undergrad

Amy Knorpp – Undergrad – Graduate Student – Stanford

Hannah Lee – Undergrad – Graduate Student – Harvard

Kimberley Peterson – Undergrad

Kelly J. Westby – Undergrad – currently Energy Engineer at Steven Winter Associates

Jodi Jisu Balfe – High School

Hyeeun Jeong – High School

David Yang – High School/Undergrad


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