Reactive CO2 Capture

CCL investigates suitable materials that are able to adsorb CO2 efficiently and selectively under the reaction conditions of steam reforming and water-gas shift. To this end, a focus lies on CaO nanoparticles, which are supported onto high-surface area carriers. A molecular understanding of the adsorption properties of CO2 on such materials is developed. Further, the formulation of sorbent/catalyst systems will be developed for sorption-enhanced reactions.

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Related Publications:

Gruene, P; Belova, A.G; Yegulalp, T.M; Farrauto, R.J; Castaldi, M.J, “Dispersed Calcium Oxide as a Reversible and Efficient CO2-Sorbent  at  Intermediate Temperatures” , Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 2011, 50(7): 4042-4049 (Abstract)

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